What kind of data is available to users with mentor privileges?

As a user with mentor privileges in this learning management system, you have access to additional features. When you login to the LMS, you'll notice a 'Reports' menu on the left hand side, which is not visible to regular users.

Activity completion report

In the Reports menu, click on the Activity completion link to view the progress of all users in your group. You will see a list of the users in your group on the screen, and if you're looking for a specific user, you can narrow down this list by selecting their first initial or last initial. Click on any module to reveal all of the activities in the module, and you will be able to see which activities have been ticked as complete for the users in your group. An empty box indicates that the user has not yet attempted the activity, and a cross indicates that the user has attempted a quiz but has not yet passed. You can also download the activity completion report as a csv file which you can open and analyse in Microsoft Excel.

Activity Report

If you click on Activity logs in the Reports menu, you can find out more detailed information about your group's participation in the course, in particular, how recently each activity was completed by each user. For example, you can find out who has completed an activity in the past month by selecting a 'since' date here and clicking 'Show recent activity'. You can also click the 'Show more' link to filter the logs down even further. For example:

  1. It you wish to look at the recent activity for a particular user, simply select the user from the dropdown list, and click 'Show recent activity'.
  2. If you wish to look at the logs for a particular activity, select the activity you wish to focus on in the list, before clicking 'Show recent activity'.

Note that you won't be able to see the date and time users have completed a survey, if the survey data is set to anonymous. Instead, you can view a visual summary of survey responses by visiting any survey and clicking on the Analysis tab at the top. This will show you a summary of the responses from your group members without any names associated with their responses. You can export this data to Microsoft Excel.

Quiz data

As a mentor, you can also view quiz data. Simply visit any of the quizzes in the course and you will see the number of attempts made by the users in your group. Remember that some quizzes allow unlimited attempts so the number of attempts may be higher than the number of users in your group. Click the 'Attempts' link and you will see extensive data on quiz attempts, including the date each attempt was made, the time taken to complete the attempt, the responses given by the user and which questions they answered correctly and incorrectly. At the bottom of the table, you can see the average score of all attempts made by users in your group, compared to the average score of all attempts by all users across the state. The graphs below the table show you the range of final grades recorded for your group, and the range of final grades for all users across the state. Again, you can filter this down to a particular user, by selecting their initials. And you can download the report to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Certificate of completion

Some courses allow users to download a certificate of completion once they have completed all elements of the course. To find out which users have completed the entire course and received their certificate of completion, simply go to the final module of the course, then click on the 'Certificate of completion' link. If you can't see this link, it means that you haven't yet completed all of the required activities yourself.

Once you click the Certificate of Completion link, you'll see in the top right corner the number of certificates that have been issued to members of your group. Click this link and you'll see a summary of the certificates issued, including the date and time they were issued, and the corresponding certificate codes. The certificate code is a unique ID that is printed on each person's certificate.

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