Referral matrix


The Victorian System of Care Referral Matrix is designed to help you navigate the many services that exist, external to the school system, which support children and young people; and their mental health. It is not an exhaustive list but offers information on some key services available and how to learn more about them. These services are useful sources of information that can be contacted for advice about more specific services that may be available in your area.

To use the Referral Matrix when considering support for an individual child or young person:

  • Select the child or young person’s Age.
  • Select the Main Presenting Issue*.
  • Select your overall Level of Concern.

The Referral Matrix will then provide a description and the contact details of the appropriate support service(s).

*Where an individual is presenting with multiple issues, it is best to consider the recommended services associated with the main or most common presenting issue, or the issue you are most concerned about. You may like to search against different presenting issues and compare the results.

The Victorian System of Care Referral Matrix was developed as part of the SAFEMinds: Supporting Victorian Schools to Intervene Early in Mental Health Project; a partnership between the Department and headspace; the National Youth Mental Health Foundation.

Age of child/young person
Main presenting issue
Level of concern